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Three generations of my Kell(e)y ancestors lived in Coldridge. Samuell Kelley (b. 1595), John Kelley (b.1622) and John Kelley (b.1649). The latter moved on and married in Ashreigney in 1672, when the ‘e’ was dropped from the surname. It was good to read a bit about the village on your website.
Gordon Kelly

A Susan Gibbings who married George Brealey in 1844 in Exeter was my g.g. grandmother. I am hoping that you can put me in touch with Chris Gibbings who wrote the interesting article on the Gibbings family on your Coldridge website. I was intrigued to read that he visited Perth (where I live) and has done work on the Australian Gibbings family.
Patrick F. Berry, M.Sc., Ph.D. - Nedlands, Perth, W. Australia

Dear Ray
I have just been looking at your web site which brought back memories of my youth when i lived at kitchaden farm (not certain about the spelling of kitchaden) when i was evacuated from london to devon during the war with my mother and two brothers tony and david,my father stayed in london working on aircraft. The house we lived in belonged a farmer Mr and Mrs Robins. My brother david and i went to heywoods school and my elder brother went to chulmleigh secondary modern school. We went back and forward to london two or three times during the coarse of the war,when we finally stopped moving back to london my father came down to devon to work for Mr Robins, he had to give up farming through ill health (hay fever) He then went to work for mr frank wheaton at his garage just up the road from eggesford on the A377. We moved to coldridge when my father could no longer work on the farm and went to live at mount everlyn to live in one of Mr & Mrs Coles houses, we had many happy years there, by this time my elder brother was going to Barnstaple younger brother and i went to coldridge school then chulmleigh secondary modern school .
My friends in chulmleigh , the ones i can remember were Eric Down,norman Greenslade,margery cook , June Webber, mervin pope who lived near winkleigh Peter cotten the bakers son,alex govier , D kingdom , their was a lot more but my memory is not as good as it used to be. My friends in Coldridge:- Geoffrey Burrrows ,Derick Bowdler? The Smallbone Family( dentice in Crediton Like to here from you if any of the above are still around.
Mike Harrup

Great site. I am searching for information on the Waldron Family. I am beginning it from the Domesday Book down and gathering all information on the Waldron families in the hope of one day collecting enough material that may connect the lines down. I would appreciate anything that you may have and in return I am quite happy to include you in future research.
Stay safe - Pennie Waldron in Australia

Hi Ray,
I am chasing down relatives of mine, my 7 x Great Grandparents. I have very limited information that I am going by, and am hoping that you may be able to assist me. So far I have John Warren, who married Richord Dart on the 23 Aug 1708 in Coldridge, Devon, England. Any help that you can offer me on the above family would be appreciated. Also, if you could direct me to any suitable sites to give a little further background to the area would be great. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you,
Regards, Judith - Australia

I have been forwarded your website by a relative I've been corresponding with in England. I am interested in the article written by Chris Gibbings on the Gibbings family story. I would dearly love to be able to correspond with Chris Gibbings further on these family connections. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with his e-mail address or forward my address directly to him.
Thank you, Marilyn (Gibbings) Rockwell

Dear Ray
I have just found the Coldridge village website at the very beginnings of searching for my family tree and history. I have an old bible of my father's which apparently belonged to his father, Albert Sampson who was born or lived in Coldridge. Written in the back of the bible is an address - Peaks Cottage, Coldridge. My father was born in London in 1916 so my grandfather must have left the village before 1916. He must have been born towards the end of the 19th century. I was hoping you might be able to give me some information, whether there is a record of my grandfather's birth or if there is still a Peaks Cottage in the village. Or where I might find out more information.
Many thanks. Jacky Tauber (nee Sampson)

Hello Ray,
I am researching part of my family tree and have found a Great Grandmother whose maiden name was Mary Ann Palmer (known as Polly). She was born in Coldridge 15/2/1850. Her father was Thomas Palmer and her mother was Anne Palmer (formerly Crispin). Thomas Palmer was a 'labourer'. Are you likely to have access to any historical info reference the 'Palmers' ? It would be most interesting. Polly must have moved to London at some stage since she married my Great Grandfather, Thomas Payne in London during 1875.
With Regards, Thomas Payne

Dear Ray
I am researching my family history. My ancestors names were Waldron and they are in the 1861 census as living in Coldridge. They were farm laborers I believe and later went to London to work as tanners. Names Samuel, William, Elizabeth, Ann and Mary Waldron. Do you have any info. on this family?
Thanks, Jenny Walker.

Dear Ray,
As a descendant of John, the eldest son of John Hancock and Ann Leach I was most appreciative in coming across your excellent site, and in particular Carol Pickett's comments on the Hancock family (she could have also mentioned Air Marshall Sir Valston Hancock or even my father (Dr. J. W. Piccles) who received a brief mention in history when involved in the arresting of the several hundred survivors of the german raider Emden after they sunk HMAS Sydney off the coast of West Australia).
I have only lately taken an interest in the family's background so finding out that Coldridge was at the heart of our descendants was somewhat frustrating as my wife and I only recently returned from a trip to England. This was our second trip in 10 years and after only a cursoury look the first time we were determined to spend most of our last trip in the West Country which had appealed to us so much the first time. Sadly without the knowledge of Coldridges role in our family, we criss-crossed Devon and Cornwall but sadly never passed thru our 'hometown'...something we will address on our next visit. If convenient I would be most appreciative if this email could be passed on to Carol Pickett or someone else in the Hancock family who might be interested in exchanging information.
My wife and I now farm in New South Wales (Cowra), but I had a previous life in the Australian Steel industry.
With Best wishes to all in my 'new hometown' and hoping to hear from a relative,
Kindest regards Peter Piccles

Hi Ray
Whilst following my family back along the 'Raymont' line I discovered that most of the family were born and lived in Coldridge from about 1560 and prior to that came from Lapford. I wonder, if with your knowledge of the area you may be able to shed some light on a mystery I am trying to unravel. My great grandmother's parentage is a little confusing, family tradition gives her 2 surnames, either Raymont or Radford. We know her mother was Mary Raymont, a local farmer's daughter, born about, 1836/8 and that she was about 17 or 18 and not married when my great grandmother (Emma Jane) was born. Emma Jane was christened with her mother's surname of Raymont but we know she herself, later in life, also referred to her maiden name as 'Radford'. I am wondering if you know if there was a Radford family in Coleridge at the time, maybe Mary Raymont was in service with them. Any clues as to who my great great grandfather could be would be very welcome and any information you may have would be much appreciated, if you have the time to reply.
Many thanks, Ms Stevie Rogers - Dartmouth

Dear Ray,
Bonnie has kindly forwarded your email on to me, as I have done quite a bit of research on the Slee family's origins at Coldridge. I have attached a summary of that information, which you are welcome to include in an official village website.
I am very interested knowing more about the records or any details you have regarding the Slee family's association with Lower Frost and/or Frost Farm.
Cheers, Max Slee - Tranmere, South Australia,

Dear Ray
I came across your website whilst researching my family roots. My grandfather, David Robert Lindsay, was schoolmaster at St Mary's School in 1901 (Census) and lived in the school house. He was originally from Scotland and moved to the village from London bringing his wife and young family with him. My father, Ian Lindsay, was born in Coldridge as was my aunt, Gertrude Lucy.
We shall be visiting the area during week 17 September in order to see the area where the family lived. I should be very grateful for any information regarding the family/school/village prior to our visit. Are parish and/or school records still available?
Any new information which comes to light we shall be glad to pass on to your website.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Mary Lindsay Cox

Hi Ray
My name is Gibbings, Chris Gibbings. My family go back to 1659 in Bampton and Oakford North Devon (about 25 miles away). I was recently on a trip to Western Australia and found a Gibbings Road where I found a farming/ charming old lady who was a Miss Gibbings and can take her family back to Nicholas Gibbings in 1753 at Frogbury Farm, Coldridge. Her direct relation a William Gibbings arrived in Australia in 1886 with his wife and nine children. I can see from the web site a number of Gibbings’s were buried in the local church. If there any left or anyone wants to know more about this family history or can establish a link between the Coldridge and Bampton I would be interested in hearing from them.
All the best. Chris

Hi Ray
I am currently tracing my family history and have recently discovered that my great-grandfather may have come from Coldridge. Just having a look at the pictures on the website leaves me with an awesome feeling - I almost feel that this is where I come from, even though it is a long way from South Africa.
Is there someone that may be able to help me in tracing a few details about my family in Devon. My great-grandfather was Thomas Connett Linscott and was born in about 1862. There is a strong chance that he may have been baptised in St Matthews Church. I am looking for his parents names and any other information that may help me put the pieces of the puzzle together. He had a brother, by the name of Jack Linscott.
Please could you send me the contact details of someone who may be able to help me. Obviously coming all the way to Devon is a bit difficult at the moment, but I do have continual access to email. Thank you for your help.
Regards Rev. Delme Linscott - South Africa.

Dear Ray
I have links with Coldridge in that some of my ancestors are buried in St Matthew’s churchyard there. I wonder if anyone has any information about the Han(d)cock family please? One of the many, my GG Grandfather Samuel, was the landlord of the Stag’s Head Inn in the 1850’s – he died 25th October 1865. Would any of the villagers have any photographs of the old public house please, perhaps? Anything that can add to my family history would be very much appreciated. If anyone living is related to the family I would be happy to share my files with them too.
Many thanks. Carol Pickett

Dear Ray
Lovely of you to get back to me so quickly, thanks. I think the website idea is brilliant as Coldridge has such a lot of history from all accounts. We visited there 2 years ago with my parents – sadly my dad died last September but at least he was able to see where his maternal ancestors came from and we had a lovely walk around the village. Apparently there were several public houses there originally but over time they disappeared, but the Stags Head was in the square diagonally opposite to the church I believe. I think Smiths Cottage has been rebuilt too. I don’t mind if you use a little of our family history on your website, but unfortunately I have no pictures.

Best wishes Carol

Hello Ray;
I am researching my family from England and was thrilled to discover your wonderful site with so much information and photos to show the surrounding countryside. My great-great grandparents were Richard Stoneman and Mary Ann Diamond. I have very little information on them but I understand they are buried at Allerbridge - is this part of Coldridge? Do you know of anyone who would be willing to get birth and death dates from their tombstones and maybe even digital pictures. I would be most willing to reimburse for any expenses involved. Thank you very much for your time and I appreciate any help you can provide.
Kindest regards, Donna Turcotte - Springside, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Ray,
We are off to Romania this New Year with our Romanian friend, so as we where looking at site's of her home town i thought i'd show her my home! Tis sightly strange though, being able to show her the houses i grew up in and the surrounding area that holds so many great memories, not mention being able to point out my father's bold head and my little cousins!!
Take care, much love Mel Stanbury

Hi Ray
I enjoyed your website very much. Just disappointed that I was unable to download a photo of the outside of the church though, being as so many of my ancestors lived in Coldridge, and I am unlikely to be able to visit myself.Please would it be possible to tell me if there is a place called East Leigh nearby? I would really appreciate it. Just looked at the rest of the photos and seen that East Leigh seems to be just a few cottages. Is that correct, and is it just a part of Coldridge?
Many thanks - Sheila in sunny Spain

Dear Ray,
It was a delight to see your Coldridge photographs - lovely site - and of special interest to me as Coldridge was the residence of my g. grandmother, Sarah Ann Turner. At the time of her marriage to g, grandfather Richard Alford she was living at 'Westercott '- or similar. Very likely it doesn't exist now, or the name has changed, but if you should happen to have heard of such a dwelling I'd be delighted to hear from you. Thanks again for the beautiful views.
Best wishes, Christine Morgan

Hello Ray;
I was fascinated in finding your website. I have been researching my Grandfathers family name, which is Coldridge, and came across your site. I had no idea that there was a town by that name in existance in Devon. I did find a town in the US by that name, in the state of Nebraska I believe, but have not been able to find any more about it other than that it exists, or maybe used to exist. My Grandfather came from what I understand was a village at that time, Newton Abbot. It was sometime around the turn of the last century. I have not found any of my blood family that I know of yet, although I found other Coldridges,Colridges, Colrigges, Coleridges, and one or two others that I can't remember at the moment.
My question to you is, do you know of any families named Coldridge that in the past have moved from your area to the Newton Abbot area or other areas of Devon. Could you point me in any direction at all on the internet where I might find more about the Coldridges of Devon. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me.
Jonathan Sarlo - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Hello Ray,
I was wondering if you have heard of a farm in the Coldridge area by the name of Millallers. My DART family were agriculteral labourers on that farm in the 1800s.
Regards Rhonda - Australia

Hello Ray
I am currently putting together my family history web site. My earlist ancestor George Hellier was christened in Coldridge in 1560.
You have really lovely pictures of the area on your site that would be of interest to others and add to the information on my site With your permission, I would very much like to include a link to your site.
With regards Alison McKay

Hi Ray,
Sorry! We are from Redditch Worcestershire. We spend our holidays in Brean near Weston Super Mare, so we will be paying Coldridge a visit next summer. It was wonderful seeing where my Husbands roots originated from. JOHN BORN moved from Coldridge in the 1800's and went onto Exeter where he married, so we will be planning a grand tour there also. From Exeter John's grandson George moved to Weston then to Gloucester and ended his day's in Birmingham. It was really strange when we found out that George had been living in Weston Super Mare. We had been parking our car on the very spot he had been living in 1881. It was then a row of cottages but was turned into Dolphin shopping centre and a car park in 1971. Shame!
Once again thank you for a wonderful insight to Coldridge it looks a lovely place to live.
Take Care - Kind Regards Jean and Colin Borne Redditch - Worcestershire.

Thank you for a wonderful insight to Coldridge. My husbands G G Grandfather was born in Coldridge early 1800's JOHN BORN. It was really thrilling looking at the places where he may have walked. We are in the process of tracing JOHN BORN'S roots and plan to visit Coldridge in the summer. Once again thank you and the site is now firmly in our favourites.
Take Care Regards Jean BORNE.

Dear Ray,
I have been tracing my PACKER family tree back through Tawstock to Winkleigh and then to Coldridge so it was a great thrill when I was given your website. My earliest recorded ancestor in Coldridge was Thomas Packer son of John Packer and Margaret COOKRAY christened 11.10.1636 who married Joane SAUNDERS on 26th Apr. 1659. Other local names in my tree include WEY, SLEE, REED, GIBBINS, RAYMONT, DART, WARREN etc. Is there someone there who would like to share information with me?
John EVANS. - New Zealand.

Hello Ray:
Earlier this year you were kind enough to refer me John Smith who provided me with the baptism records for my mother's family branch of the Luxtons. A couple of weeks ago my wife and I had an opportunity to visit Coldridge and the surrounding locations. John S. gave us a tour of the church and it was wonderful to actually see where many family members are buried. Also, the school house where my mother was born in 1894 and the adjoining school where both my grandparents were teachers. We visited the Brushford church and again were able to identify family names in the church and in the church records. On the surface, life hasn't changed much in these villages and it was refreshing to be able to go back in time away from the urban rush.
Kind regards, Richard. (Vancouver Island)

Great site we enjoyed it very much. It was good to be able to see all the pictures, especially the church. My wife and I came to the village last year but the church was locked and we were not able to see inside. We have a special interest in the village as my wife has traced my ancestors the Wadman's to the village and surrounding areas. Back to the mid 1600's as we do not have a website is it possible to post our information on your web site. In hopes that a fellow genealogist may find a link. My wife is a member of the DFHS. Once again thanks for a great site.
Teresa & Brian Wadman.

Hi Ray,
I live in N.S.W Australia. My sister and I are having a great time doing the family tree, we were both looking at your photos at the same time last night and couldnt wait to tell each other. All we know at the moment is that our great grandmother Mary Ann Dart from Coldridge married William Henry Matthews in 1874 at Coldridge. He was from Zeal Monarchorum, so they came out sometime after 1874. I would love to see Devon in real life one day.
Regards Rhonda Chesson

I have just found out that my great grandmother was born at coldridge and moved to Australia sometime in the 1870s. Her name was Mary Anne Dart who married William Henry Matthews In 1874. Your photos bought tears to my eyes, they were so beautiful.

I found the website for Coldridge village extremely interesting. Its of particular interest to me as my surname is also Coldridge.
It was fascinating to see the pictures of the area, as although I've never visited the village it reminded me of home.
Coming originally from South Wales, I grew up in Bath (Avon) & spent a lot of time in similar countryside.
This letter is sent to you from Sydney Australia where I now reside.
Regards, Martyn Coldridge - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hello Ray: Greetings from Western Canada (Vancouver Island).
Sorry not to have added my name at the end of my message but it does indeed form part of my email address. Thank you for responding so quickly to my enquiry. I believe my mother (nee Luxton) was born in Coldridge in 1893 so naturally, I am anxious to obtain any available information. As I said, we shall be in the UK in April and hope to visit your village. Thanks again, Richard - Canada.

It Was a real joy to come across your site.
I have many happy memories of the area dating back over more than 30 years. I first came to the area when I lived in London, when I stayed at Bow. I continued to enjoy holidays in Devon for many years, but I have been back for four years. I hope to return in 2002 to revisit some of the places that have wonderful memories. Devon hospitality is truly wonderful and I know why people want to come back. I do hope that the terrible things that have happened to farmers will not recur and that people will take a chance to see the unspoilt Devon villages and try to understand the farming heritage of our nation.
P. Turrell - Cheshire

Hi Ray,
I found your site by a search for Frogbury Farm (not via Google, though!) and found it very interesting reading through the visitors' comments on their family trees or about their search for their ancestors.
Regarding the comment from Jean and Robert Borne from Redditch about their ancestor John Born, I would like to add that my Uncle Bob (Robert) Born inherited Frogbury Farm in, I think, the early 1970s, being the eldest child of Mabel Ellen and Norman Charles Born of Northlew. He was (is) also presumably the oldest male of his cousins and hence inherited the farm. During the 1970s he sold some of the land from the farm to finance the modernisation of Frogbury, but being unmarried and also working in Exeter he sold it in 1976.
I also had a great uncle (Bob's uncle) Aubrey Born, who lived in Coleridge and who died some time in the 1980s.
If I can help anyone with information about the Borns I would be pleased to give assistance! When I was a child we spent a couple of summer holidays at Frogbury and I remember it and the surrounding area with great fondness.
Kind regards, Kate Born. April 2010.


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