3 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home Interior Design

Are you looking forward to transforming your home to meet your pets’ desires? If yes, apply the following pet-friendly interior design tips and have your furry friends happy as the other family members.

High-quality Upholstery

Invest in fabrics that don’t attract fur or won’t get ruined by pet scratches. Your carpets, rugs and sofas should be easy to clean and made to withstands pets. A high-quality leather sofa is a good option for home furniture. It doesn’t wear quickly, even when pets scratch, and you can vacuum it and remove any hair left by your pet.

Slip resistance floor

Your floor should be firm and not slippery. Avoid using slippery tiles; instead, consider laminate floor, ceramic and polished concrete. They are easy to clean and resistant to pets’ claw scratches. If you use wood flows, ensure they are hard so that pets don’t chew them up.

Comfy pet space

Ensure your home has space for your pets to make them feel welcomed. Create playing, bathroom, and sleeping spaces as they shouldn’t be rioting around the whole house. For a dog, ensure you get comfy beds, while for cats, create a perch where they can climb and play freely. If your pet lives indoors, make large windows where they can sit and peep on the outside world.

Naturally, pets are excellent and friendly, but their claws, hair or fur, their jumping over one sofa to another may be detrimental. Hence the need for a good environment.