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Below are some enquiries looking for ancestors or family links . If you can help drop me an email and I will put you in touch.

Hi Ray, I saw reference to the Kingdon family from which I am descended and I was wondering if you know more about the family or the books and material about them? I am descended from John and Joan but find the available trees appear to be in conflict and so I would like to be able to try and see what information is 'solid'. One site I did see mentioned a digital form of the two Kingdon books of 1932 and 1974 but I got no reply to my communication. Thanks for reading this and I would appreciate any assistance you might be able to offer. Regards, Kevin
, Australia

Raymont: Webber: Dart: Wade: Packer: Down/Downe: Hone: Cockram:
Dear Ray, I have read with great interest the Visitors Comments page and noticed a number of names that match my ancestors. The earliest date I have is for Thomas Raymont in 1572 (9x G-Grandfather). It seems my family resided in Coldridge for a further 6 generations, the last recorded member being Dinah and William Raymont in 1811. Other main names in my tree are Agnis Webber, Joan (or Joane) Dart, Grace Wade, Margaret Packer, Elizabeth Down (or Downe), Judith Hone and Elizabeth Cockram. I wonder if you could tell me where I might find the Parish Records or Transcripts of this time or if you have any further information on the families listed above.Thank you for creating such a wonderful website where we can all see where our ancestors once lived.
With thanks and kind regards Jay (Bristol, UK)

Stoneman: Squire: Shobrooke:
Hi Ray, Being smitten by the genealogy bug, I am busy tracing my ancestors which has led me to Coldridge. I have a Thamesin (Thomasin) Stoneman b: 1712 in Coldridge who married John Squire on 1 Apr. 1737 in Coldridge.Thomasin's parents were Christopher Stoneman & Mary Shobrooke. Would you have any information or direction for me in pursuing these lines?
Regards, Pearl, Washington state, USA.

Thanks for the website. It gives us a nice glimpse into the small, yet delightful village. I am looking for the exact roots of my GGGrandfather. He was supposedly from Liverpool. However, as you know, that could just mean that he emigrated from there. Also, I find fewer "Spear" references there. Devon seems to be where many of the Spears came from. My John Spear was born in December of 1813 and , therefore, christened in early 1814. I found a reference to a John Spear christened on January 30th, 1814 in Coldridge. His parents were Samuel and Mary nee Webber. The names fit what I know about John's family. His first born was Samuel and his first born girl was Mary.He also had ten other children with names such as William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ann, etc. Could this indeed be my John? I can't seem to find out where he went. He appears to have been the oldest in the family. Was it likely that he would have struck out on his own and perhaps went up north and eventually wound up in Illinois? Somewhere he met and married Matilda Adams from Ireland. They married in Sherbrooke, Quebec before going to Illinois to work on the canal. All this happened in the late 1830s, so they were not in the 1841 census. I'm sure they must have left behind some family.
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks . Bob Spear from Illinois.

My late father was Maurice Webber and he was born in Coldridge in 1929. His family lived at 38 Birch Cottage. His father was called Frederick and his mother was Elsie. They had two other children called Leslie and Freda. My eldest sisters Lesley and Dawn Webber attended Coldridge school, which I understand is a very small village school. My sister can remember using my fathers exercise books so we can only presume that he went there as well I have seen that the war memorial has a John Webber on it but as yet I have not linked this to my family. If you are able to give me any information on my family that would be fabulous. Fred and Elsie when I knew them lived in Lapford....
Many Thank, Karen Beswick, Surry

Hello Ray, I would be interested in making contact with anyone who has an interest in the Born family of Coldridge. As you can imagine it is very difficult searching for “Born” on the internet.

Kind regards, Pam Abikhair,Victoria, Australia

I've been on Ancestry for the past two years tracking my family tree. I found my great great grandfather on my father's side just recently. Finding your website today was another amazing surprise. You see my 2X great grandfather was born in Coldridge, Devon England in 1808. His name is Henry Parish. I'd be interested in finding out anything I could if that would be possible. He married Anne Atkins from Exeter in 1840 and had nine children ( at last count ) all seemed to have been born in Tiviton, where Henry owned or worked a farm called The Towers for most of his life. I would appreciate any information or direction to information that I can find and I love your website. I'm interested in finding out as much as I can, since never knowing much about my father and where he came from and loosing him when I was only 9. It's been a wonderful journey so far.
Thank you. Jan P. S. I'm in Ontario Canada.

HI Ray. My Name is Mike Hatherley. I don't know if you can help me,but, I am in the process of completing part of my Family Tree, for my Cousin Joyce,in Canada. I am trying to trace records of Richard Stentiford, who I believe was born in Coldridge around 1825 or 1826. He married a girl whose christian name was Sarah. She was born in Lapford in 1822 and I am having difficulty in finding her surname, as the only place that it would be recorded, is in the Parish Register Records. The Maiden name of my cousin Joyce's mother, was Fanny Snell, B1886 in Coldridge. Fanny's mother's, name was Jane Stentiford, before her marriage to Edward Snell, and, her mother was Sarah Stentiford, who married Richard. It sounds a little complicated, but because you live in the area, you may have some Knowledge of the 'Sarah' that I am trying to trace.
Thanks - Mike Hatherley

We are trying to discover when my husbands grandfather who lived at Bankland cottage where he was born in 1866, where he would go to school and on what terms. His name was John Gould. Can you tell us anything about Aller Chaple where he was baptised.
Yours Sheila and Gerald Gould

Good evening Ray Just found link to your website. Interested in comments regarding the Born family. I can trace a connection back to Thomas Born (b1818) his wife Jane Piper (b 1814) and their four children Mary Ann (b1840), William (b 1842), Helen (b1845) and John (b1846). Anyone interested? Penny

Hello Ray, Have you ever heard of 'Rawley's' in Coldridge, please? I wonder if this dwelling is still standing. My ancestors were living there in 1871. Thanks for your lovely website, - Christine.

Hi Ray I am trying to trace the Kingdon family which I believe lived in your village - in Fursdon Farm - an H.T.Kingdon was a friend of my grandmothers and I have been bequeathed a book of their family tree with the understanding that I should try to return it to them.
Are there any still residing in the area that you know of? I would be most grateful if you could let me know as I would dearly like to find this book a good home - it is unusual to find a book tracing a family this far back.
Kind Regards - Sally

Hello Ray, I made contact with you some years ago when researching by Born's of Coldridge. I note that you have had correspondence with Colin and Jean Borne of Redditch which is quite near Sutton Coldfield where I live. They are very welcome to make contact with me if they would like my info. on the Born family which dates back to 1601/2 before they moved to Coldridge. Hope you are keeping well,
All the best, Lola.- Thanks for the 'Bad Boys' one of whom was mine!

Dear Mr Taylor I wonder if you could help me. I am researching my family and my Gt Gt Gt grandfather came from Coldridge. He was Richard Brealy born 1810. I think his father was called George a farmer from Aller Bridge but thats as far as I can go. I have looked up all sites for births deaths and marriages but have come to a halt. I wonder if you could tell me where I can find out about Richard’s parents, and siblings and life in Coldridge.
Regards - Elizabeth A Tonkin

Drake & Slee:
Hi Ray - Richard DRAKE (son of John) was born in Coldridge in Nov 15,1598, he married Alice, he or his son may have married Julian SLEE. I am hoping to connect with fellow genealogists to share research. I am writing a family history book on the Drake family, Richard Drake was born in Coldridge in 1598 (son of John) and I was wondering if you know how I would go about looking for occupations and perhaps land grants from this period in time?
Thanks, Linda Drake, Vancouver Canada.

Mashford & Cann:
I am researching my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Mashford, daughter of John Mashford, tailor and Mary Cann, who came from Coldridge. John Mashford married Mary Cann in 1818.
Mary and her children, sailed for South Australia in 1847 after John had died - Elizabeth Mashford’s grandfather, John (1771-1834), is said to have been Parish Clerk at Coldridge; and his younger son Josiah Mashford (1798-1871) has been confirmed in this role through Census and Will - In 1841, Widow Mary Mashford, a publican, was living in Coldridge with three daughters Elizabeth (21), Mary Ann (10) and Jane (8). Her sons were out to work – John Cann (18) was an apprentice to William Clotworthy a tailor in Zeal Monachorum, George May (16) was apprenticed to John Harris, publican of the Taw Bridge Inn, West of Coldridge. Josiah Labbett (13) was a servant at Birch Farm near East Leigh, South of Coldridge.
In 1841 Josiah Mashford (Mary’s brother in law) was also a publican (and shoe maker) in Coldridge, probably at the “Ring of Bells”
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated - Roslyn Ross, Australia




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