St Matthew's Secret

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St. Matthew's .... Secret Carving.

An exciting discovery has been made fairly recently !

If you stand in the Barton Chapel with your back to the altar facing down the church, then look up at the screen above the doorway, you will notice that one carving does not keep to the pattern. It is in the middle of the picture..... Can you spot it?

© Ray Taylor

When we turn the picture the other way up and zoom in we see a Tudor Lady of Quality, with a tongue !!


© Ray Taylor
Tradition says the screen was given by Sir John Evan's, but he was to busy to oversee the work himself and asked his wife to do it for him. Was she to officious? We do not know, but it is certain that one of the craftsmen suffered from "A Lady's Tongue" and seems to have got his revenge rather cleverly.




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