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St Matthews Church ....
Some pictures of St Matthews together with a brief outline of its history (extracts from a Church leaflet)
St Matthew's Church Coldridge.
  © Ray Taylor

Anyone interested in visting this lovely historical Church CLICK HERE to read a message from John Smith one of St Matthew's church wardens.

St Matthews is listed - to view the for listing information - CLICK HERE
The Church dedicated to St Matthew underwent a complete restoration (excluding the chancel) in 1897. Many ancient features were fortunately retained. Historically there is some doubt about the dedication. The Diocesan Directory Thesaurus Eccleciasticus Provincialis of 1782 confirms that the church was dedicated to St Mary. White's County Directory of 1850 also notes the dedication to St Mary. Other indications of this are the fleurs de lis on some of the tiles in the church and the lack of a Lady Chapel. No one can remember when or why the dedication was changed, but from directories compiled after 1857, Coldridge church is shown as St Matthew's.

The main entrance of St. Matthew's.

The clock was donated by the Parish in memory of those who died in the Great War. It has two faces overlooking the village with gold hands and figures. The clock strikes the hour.

© Ray Taylor  
The altar and main window.
  © Ray Taylor

A view of the carved wooden screen partition dividing the interior. A photo cannot do justice to this wonderful piece of work.

The floor of the chancel has some glazed tiles made in Barnstable in Tudor times decorated with roses, swans and lions. There are more around the font.

© Ray Taylor  
The carved wooden door to the Chancel.
  © Ray Taylor
© Ray Taylor  

Another view looking up the aisle towards the altar. To the left is the lecton. This was made of oak in 1904 by W. H. Bushell of Down St Mary, he charged £16.10s! It also has an iron ring in the Rood Screen to which the Bible would have been chained.


  © Ray Taylor
The screen, pews and organ.
© Ray Taylor  




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