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The Allen and Plumridge's of Coldridge
John Howard Norfolk


I went with my cousin Robert Allen to see the village of Coldridge to find out where our Grandad's sister had lived. Now many of what were once the important village businessses are modernised houses called The Old Forge or The Old Bakery or The Old Post Office. It is a shame to realise that the heart of this beautiful country community has been lost but I have heard that village life still thrives.

My cousin and I thought that Coldridge is a beautiful place. Our Grandad was George Creasey Allen and he had a younger sister Winifred Kate who married a Mr Plumridge and lived in The Old School House right next to lovely Coldridge Parish Church.

Their home is still a lovely brick and stone building with a large porch and the old school hall still there on one side. Great Aunt Winifred died and was buried in the beautiful churchyard within sight of the windows of her house in 1972. Her daughter who I knew as "Cousin Madge" used to write to me in the 1970's but sadly I was never able to visit and see her lovely village at that time.

Cousin Robert and I were able to see that Cousin Madge had died in 1982 and was buried in this churchyard right next to her mother. Our visit was on a cold damp December day and not ideal for tramping around a churchyard so we would like very much to return on a bright sunny summer day in 2008 and plant some flowers and bulbs on Great Aunt Winifred and Cousin Madge's graves to show we care for their memories and for the lovely place in which they were so lucky to have lived.

We took photographs on our visit to remind us of what a lovely place this is.

If this artical attracts any replies from people who knew my distant cousins then I would be most pleased to hear from them.

Written by John Howard Norfolk.


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