3 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home Interior Design

Are you looking forward to transforming your home to meet your pets’ desires? If yes, apply the following pet-friendly interior design tips and have your furry friends happy as the other family members.

High-quality Upholstery

Invest in fabrics that don’t attract fur or won’t get ruined by pet scratches. Your carpets, rugs and sofas should be easy to clean and made to withstands pets. A high-quality leather sofa is a good option for home furniture. It doesn’t wear quickly, even when pets scratch, and you can vacuum it and remove any hair left by your pet.

Slip resistance floor

Your floor should be firm and not slippery. Avoid using slippery tiles; instead, consider laminate floor, ceramic and polished concrete. They are easy to clean and resistant to pets’ claw scratches. If you use wood flows, ensure they are hard so that pets don’t chew them up.

Comfy pet space

Ensure your home has space for your pets to make them feel welcomed. Create playing, bathroom, and sleeping spaces as they shouldn’t be rioting around the whole house. For a dog, ensure you get comfy beds, while for cats, create a perch where they can climb and play freely. If your pet lives indoors, make large windows where they can sit and peep on the outside world.

Naturally, pets are excellent and friendly, but their claws, hair or fur, their jumping over one sofa to another may be detrimental. Hence the need for a good environment.

4 Interior Design Blogs You Must Know

The internet is the best place to hunt for ideas and inspiration when looking to make some much-needed updates to your home. While the internet comes in handy in helping you locate good ideas, the information can at times prove to be too overwhelming.

Knowing where to look can make the process of upgrading your living space much easier. Below is a look at the top interior design blogs every homeowner ought to be following for inspiration purposes and to keep up with the interior décor trends.

1. Tylko Journal: http://journal.tylko.com 

No home improvement exercise is ever complete without the installation of new shelves. The Tylko Journal is the blog to follow if you want to learn everything there’s to know about shelves, shoe racks, soundboards, shelving systems, and sideboards.

Shelves in the blog are grouped according to their size, function, and product line. Subscribers can explore it further by checking the available collections, colors, and functions. The time spent on the blog allows followers to learn how to manage their shelving systems better.

2. All Sorts of: http://allsortsof.com 

The blog is a brainchild of a Los Angeles-based interior designer known as Amber Lewis. It’s designed as a lifestyle blog that’s filled with expert design advice, including some behind the scene looks at Amber’s design process.

In the blog, you’ll also find interviews she has conducted of the people who inspire her work, including information on the latest interior décor space trends. It predominantly features all-white rooms and is used to express her modern farmhouse aesthetics.

3. Coco Kelley: http://www.cocokelley.com/ 

The blog is an overall stunner and was created in 2007 by Cassandra LaValle. It showcases striking photos of various living space trends.

Apart from interior décor, other areas covered include fashion, travel, food, and tips on entertaining at home.

4. Style by Emily Henderson: http://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/ 

You won’t find a better blog that teaches homeowners how to perform everything interior décor related than Style by Emily Henderson.

In the blog, she touches on how to measure curtains, search for a budget sofa, and even provide tips on how to figure out the type of rug that’s ideal for your home.

Emily goes a step further to share her thought process with her followers as she takes them on a journey of what she does to ensure she has the right fit.

Décor enthusiasts will find this blog highly thrilling as she isn’t afraid to share her secrets on how she gets things done.

A Guide to Scandinavian Interior Design

This style of interior design started in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland many years ago. It is still associated with these areas but has slowly made its way to other parts of the world, becoming a favorite to many people. You can never go wrong with a Scandinavian design, which is unique and readily identifiable by the following essential characteristics:


Although this started with tiny homes with no space to hold many items, the concept has continued to be so even in bigger rooms in modern homes. Scandinavian-inspired homes have large airy spaces with few functional pieces giving it an overall minimalistic look. Everything has its place, and this design style is very organized.

Color Palette

A neutral color palette dominates all Scandinavian interior design spaces. The primary colors are whites and shades of brown, which were the natural colors available to the generation that started this design style. In modern times, you can find greys and blacks, but what stands out, in general, are the neutral brown shades and white.


Scandinavian-style furniture and decor pieces are not your everyday pieces. Each piece is carefully crafted to perfection with a unique finish and design. The most common feature in many furniture pieces is a carved round leg design that is wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. The unique leg style is now making modern furniture appearances to give it still that Scandinavian feel. For example, on Eames chairs.” For more inspiration, check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design” http://journal.tylko.com/style-meets-comfort-8-principles-of-scandinavian-interior-design/


The quality of Scandinavian furniture pieces is unmatched. Each piece is well crafted using the best materials available with sustainability in mind. Many furniture pieces from years ago still stand sturdy, with barely any wear and tear on them. If you like classic and timeless pieces, this interior design style should be your go-to. Aside from quality, the pieces are also very functional and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for most people’s tastes.

A Taste of the Outdoors

Another important aspect of Scandinavian interior design is a hint of the outdoors to your space. It could be anything from indoor plants that can thrive in harsh weather, dried grass and plants, wooden sculptures and carvings, and other decor pieces from nature. It was a way for the people in older times to still feel the outdoors when the weather was too harsh to go outside.